Six Figures in a Couple of Weeks!

  • The client: A trading advisory serving thousands of stock market traders.
  • The project: A series of timely emails, spread out over a couple weeks, promoting a special discounted rate on one of their flagship services.
  • The result: Over $200,000 in revenue in those couple weeks.

This client wanted to end 2019 on a strong note with one of their premiere services. So we sat down and came up with a special email campaign designed to hit their lists hard with entertaining, but value-driven, copy driving traffic to their free webinar series.

By tapping into the fun but no-nonsense personality of the client, I was able to craft a campaign of more than a dozen emails for the first week, several a day, in multiple voices for their different lists.

Then, at the end of the week, I jumped into Slack and asked the point man on the project how things were going…

That’s right, we did $100,000 in new revenue in the first week.

For them, it was a strong start, and we saw the potential to keep it going. Because the client has me on a retainer agreement (ask me about them – this is why you want it), they were able to ask me to put together a handful of emails to go out the second week, continuing this push and extending the deadline for the readers to jump in and purchase their memberships.

This is a great strategy to keep a campaign fresh, but also take advantage when one is doing well! And thanks to our retainer agreement, all they had to do was ask me to write a few more.

Keeping with the personality (and the holiday theme of the emails), I wrote a handful of messages for them to send out, including one with a GIF of Clark Griswold. Because, come on, it’s Christmas.

Here’s what it looked like (with the screenshot of the GIF timed perfectly):


What happened? When I checked in at the end of the campaign, here’s the response I got:

The next time you start doubting the power of email marketing, I want you to read the following statement, which is 100% true: a handful of extra emails sent to the client’s email lists doubled the revenue of the campaign in one week.

We didn’t do anything else different. We didn’t change the offer. We didn’t change the webinar. All we did was extend the deadline a little bit, and let the copy drive home the value and the urgency.

That’s how we ended up with $200,000 in new revenue in just a couple weeks.