Podcast Promotional Emails

  • The client: A bestselling author and podcaster.
  • The project: Increase engagement with their email list to drive new listeners to the podcast.
  • The result: Engagement rates doubled within a week.

They had never paid more than $25 per email before.

That was what I was told when I first signed on to help this influential entrepreneur with his podcast emails. I couldn’t believe it. Really? This guy has been on Ellen’s talk show! His podcast brings in big stars, like Maisie Williams, Mike Tyson, and Tony Robbins! His team must be super-aggressive on their marketing, right?


And so I walked into this situation with a little bit of apprehension. It’s tough to work for a client when they generally don’t believe in what you’re doing.

I read their emails: they looked like they were only worth $25 apiece.

All they did was run a few bullet points about what was in the episode and put a link at the bottom. I knew the response rates before they even told me.

I started listening to the podcast and taking notes. Then, I made a game plan consisting of the following:

  • Find a main point from each podcast episode that would resonate with his audience – and lead with it.
  • Put multiple links throughout the email – but only one destination. In other words, don’t give the audience options.
  • Make the copy as punchy and effective as possible so that the reader doesn’t get bored.

Here are a few examples:


Here’s another:

Within one week, the average open rate of the emails doubled.

This is not a fluke, either.

I worked with this client three times a week for three months, and the engagement rates from the emails I wrote consistently hit these numbers.

And this is why I love email: to an extent, yes, it takes time for a change in direction to have an effect. But when you hit it right, the results can be almost immediate.

Now, what about you? What could your business accomplish if your engagement rates doubled? How would that change your marketing?

You don’t have to wonder. Let’s sit down and see if we can put together a game plan to make that happen for you, too.